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Illiana Industrial Electric Motor Service offers unparalleled electric motor repair serving Northwest Indiana, Fort Wayne, and the greater Chicago area.

Electric Motor Repair
Illiana Industrial, Supplementary Apparatus Repair

Illiana Industrial also repairs supplementary apparatus such as brakes, gearboxes, limit switches, clutch services, and more.

Supplementary Apparatus Repair
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Yes, Illiana Industrial does armature and stator rewinds.

Armature / Stator Rewind
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Not only does Illiana Industrial repair electric motors, we also sell new motors.

New Motor Sales
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Need more space?  Need more time? Our motor storage program allows you to have a motor ready when you need it most.

Motor Storage Program
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Our state-of-the-art diagnostic system allows us to present every customer with a thorough recommendation for each motor we disassemble.

Electric Shop
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Our machine shop boasts a broad range of equipment suited to perform all of the repairs necessary for electro-mechanical equipment.

Machine Shop

Illiana Industrial Electric Motor Service is a full-service electric motor repair shop in Valparaiso, Indiana. Our 30,000 square foot facility is equipped to diagnose, repair, and test small to medium AC and DC machines, ranging from fractional HP to 1,750HP. We also have a complete selection of new replacement options in our new motor sales shop.

Our team of managers and technicians bring centuries of combined expertise in heavy duty motor repair.   We are dedicated professionals committed to fast and accurate repair; equipped to handle and deliver quality, on-time solutions  24/7.

We are the toughest repair
in the business.

Emergency Repair

We pride ourselves on accessibility because we know failures don’t just happen during standard business hours.  While we guarantee prompt response to any inquiry, we also offer these standard services with each repair:

  • Failure Analysis
  • Motor Diagnostics and Post Repair Testing
  • Repair Quotations
  • Expedited priority option
  • In-House Repair
  • Highest quality materials
  • Free Pickup and Delivery
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 24-7-365 Support

Emergency Electric Motor Repair Capabilities

The Service That Never Sleeps

Illiana Electric Motor Services is available to our customers 24/7. Need electric motor repair? Contact us now and see how ready we are to serve, no matter the hour, no matter the day.

Availability is the first key component of a reliable electric motor shop. Equally as important: can the shop diagnose the problem(s)? At Illiana, our diagnostic system leads the industry. We’ll find the problem, and we’ll uncover every underlying contributing factor until your electric motor is back up and running like new—even if we have to rebuild the motor or its components right here in our machine shop and electric shop.

And if you can’t afford to wait for the (fast, reliable, with the highest quality workmanship and materials) repairs to complete, you can stay ahead of your next electric motor breakdown with our Motor Storage Service. While we service your motor, its replacement is ready in a snap—downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Our customers sleep easy knowing Illiana Electric Motor Services has the complete set of capabilities to fix industrial electric motors, including apparatus repair, armature / stator rewinds, and even new motor sales. See our electric motor repair facilities and shops for yourself.