Electric Motor Shop

An electric motor shop with less experience and diagnostic equipment will work by trial and error. They’ll guess. They’ll address symptoms. They’ll try to fix the thing that is usually the problem.

Can you afford the extra time to guess what the problem is? Do you want to discover, a few days after the last time a motor problem shut down your business, that the “solution” didn’t fix the real problem? How many attempts and hassles and expensive, time-consuming deliveries back and forth do you want an electric motor shop to make before your business gets back to normal?

Our electric motor shop’s diagnostics capabilities have Illinois and Indiana covered. Nothing ensures long-term electric motor reliability better than comprehensive, electrical testing.

Illiana Industrial’s state-of-the-art electric motor diagnostic system, bolstered by years of comparison data, top technicians and winders, and 24-hour availability gives peace of mind and expedited motor repair service to customers throughout Chicagoland, Valparaiso, Ft. Wayne, and throughout Illiana and Indiana.

(See our new motor sales shop for expedited delivery nationwide)

There are two critical moments when you bring your motor in for repair: before the problem is discovered and after the fix is implemented. Our experienced diagnostic team and comprehensive electric shop equipment ensure that A) the problem is diagnosed correctly and immediately, and B) the entire system is checked thoroughly after we’ve fixed it. Your repair needs to be done right, completely, quickly, and in one take, no do-overs.

At Illiana Industrial, we’ll never send your motor back with a new problem. After our initial scan, every customer receives a thorough recommendation for each motor we disassemble. And once we have your approval, we’ll execute and test those repairs so you have more than a working motor—you have the peace of mind that every needed repair has been executed flawlessly – no surprises.

Electric Motor Shop Equipment:

  • Test Panel:
    • 500KVA Jenkins Motor Test Stand
    • DC
    • Low & Medium Voltage AC
    • Multi-Tap Voltage 208-4160VAC
    • Test Documentation Software
    • Vibration Analysis
  • Core Loss Testing:
    • Lexeco Model 2025
    • Max HP 1,250
  • Winding & Coil Analysis:
    • Electrom iTig II C-12kv
    • Motor Tester and Winding Analyzer
    • Surge, MegOhm, Hi-Pot, Hi-Pot Step
    • Test, Ohms Balance, Micro-Ohm Measurement
    • ABT – Bar To Bar Testing
    • SKF Baker D3R
    • Winding Analyzer
    • Digital & Analog Megometers
    • Hi-Pot
    • Growler
  • Winding Machines:
    • Ace Model HD GL300B (x1)
    • Ace Model HD (x2)
  • Dynamometer:
    • AW I-900
    • 900 HP at 3600 RPM
    • 2100 Ft. Lbs at 1000 RPM
    • Speed: 3600 RPM
    • Closed Loop Real Time PID
    • Set Point Control (RPM/Torque)
  • Curing / Bake Ovens:
    • Steelman 9' x 8' x 8'
    • Steelman 6' x 6' x 6'
  • Burn Off Oven:
    • Ace 5' x 5' x 5'
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI):
    • 36" x 80" Vessel
    • 72" x 72" Vessel
    • Sterling PB 302-LV-2 Polybutadiene
    • Impregnating Resin
  • Dip Tank:
    • 5' x 5' x 5' w/ Shaft Well
    • 4' x 4' x 4' w/ Shaft Well
    • U-475 Solvent-Borne Epoxy
    • Impregnating Resin