Illiana Industrial's History

Illiana Industrial Electric Motor Service sprung from 25 years of electric coil repair expertise and the endless, invaluable connections that came with it. Our sister company, Gary Electric Motor Service [GEMS], made a name for themselves manufacturing electromagnetic coils. Having the repertoire of an experienced coil shop, coupled with secure industry relationships and a proven product, we decided to follow through on our instincts and open an Electric Motor Repair division, now called Illiana Industrial.  The synergistic response was instantaneous.  Our fundamental ability to reverse engineer, test and manufacture electromagnetic coils, paired with personnel who aspired to rework equipment better than new, resulted in saving the customer money and down time, while offering the toughest repair in the business.

Together, Illiana Industrial and GEMS have combined to deliver indispensable, round-the-clock service to every industry in the region that depends on electric motors to thrive.  Today, we are proud to say we are the fastest growing electric motor repair shop in the Midwest for the right reasons:  Hard Work, On-Time Solutions, and High Quality Repairs.

Illiana Industrial

Illiana Industrial, Building Photograph